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Paisley Patch Quilts
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Free Patterns

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If you like the below patterns, click on the images to take you to more free patterns.

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Al Fresco Quilt


Beating Heart Quilt


Black Tie Affair Quilt


Canyon Birds Quilt


Constellations Quilt


Crossings Quilt


Curious Brights Quilt


Elinor and Edward Quilt


Herringbone Quilt


Humming Windmills Quilt


Illusion Quilt


Indigo Braid Quilt


Kisses Quilt


Memento Quilt


Nana Mae Quilt


Pathway Quilt from Art Gallery Fabrics


Piece of My Heart Quilt


Pieced Heart Quilt


Porch Swing Quilt


Simple Snowballs Quilt


Spin Class Quilt


Stars Over the Forest Quilt


Steeplechase Quilt


Strip Stripes Quilt


Tartan Quilt


Tessera Quilt


The Magic of Christmas Quilt


Tiled Quilt


Twist Again Quilt


Winter Blessings Quilt


Winter Cheer Quilt


Winter Garden Quilt



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