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Paisley Patch Quilts
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4 wk Beginning Sewing Class 13+

The class will focus on choosing fabric, fabric terminology, how to cut fabric, make a 1/4" seam and culminate in a finished project.

Mystery Quilt

A mystery quilt is a project that you don't see before you sew! You'll be emailed with block patterns for individual portions of the quilt, but you won't see the finished design beforehand--you'll follow detailed instructions to make each block, and the design of the quilt will unfold as you work. If you've never made a mystery quilt before, they're really fun and exciting! They can challenge you to try new things and expand your quilting skills. And you'll get lots of guidance along the way, from instructions on fabric colors to choose, to how much fabric you'll need, to step-by-steps for every technique necessary, and we'll also offer an optional class to help. As you sew, others will be sewing along with you, and the mystery is part of the fun!

Patriotic Table Runner

Make a runner for our Patriotic Holidays! Or add some tab tops and turn into a wall hanging!

Apr 28
4 wk Beginning Sewing Class 13+
Apr 29
Mystery Quilt
Apr 30
Harlequin Charm Quilt by Jinny Beyer