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Dis-Patch Newsletter March 2024

March 2024 Volume 5, Issue 03

Hello Quilt Friends,

Let’s start off this month with an, “I’m sorry.” I feel I need to apologize for a lot of things like not taking the dogs on a long walk every day or leaving the dishes in the sink for two or more days at a time or for getting impatient with other drivers on the freeway. (Seriously?!?!? You’re only doing 55 when the speed limit is 80?) And there’s more I can add to the list like waiting till the last minute to collect all the annual tax data for our accountant. (I really hate doing taxes.) But, today I apologize for not having a cohesive thought in my head to get the newsletter out on time. I suppose if that’s the least of my imperfections, I’m probably not doing too badly at life.

Ok, so here’s something to “crow” about. The last weekend in February we spent a couple of days at the Snow Goose Festival quilt show in Delta Utah and had a great time talking with so many people. And, the quilt show was once again very inspirational! There were very beautiful quilts on display showcasing both exceptional piecing and quilting skills. Almost makes me want to lock myself up to do nothing more than make quilts all day, every day of the week. Oh yeah! I kind of do that now! Anyway, we’re already looking forward to representing Paisley Patch Quilts (PPQ) at the show in 2025.

Speaking of representing PPQ, I’ll be hosting a class and trunk show at the Payson Quilt Show in late September. I know it’s still a few months away, but I want to plant a seed hoping you’ll have the time to support the folks that sponsor the show. Like Delta, they do a great job at displaying various local works of art.

I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, but I find quilters to be one of the happiest groups of people on the planet.  Quilting is infectious and can spark an hours long conversation with someone you just met or become the source of a life-long friendship. All of you are so creative and inspiring. I just love it when two people who don’t know each other come into the shop and “ooh” and “ahh” over each other’s projects. Where else in the world can you find that level of support and encouragement?

Finally, if you really want to be “wowed”, take a look at what my friend Amalie does. She says she can’t quilt (which isn’t true), but she is definitely a master embroiderer. The first two pictures are from her Chicken Scratch Table Runner pattern. And, look at how perfect her most recent creation coordinates with our Shangri-la fabric in picture three. It’s going to be a stunning piece of artwork when she’s finished with it. If interested, you can check out her other accomplishments on her Instagram page 


Till next time, be inspired.

As always, we hope you’re healthy, happy, and finding joy in each 1/4” seam.

Happy Quilting!
~ Beth and Kami

P.S. Ready to learn something new?  Or want to grab some friends to spend the day quilting? Click HERE to view our catalog of classes!

P.S.S. Did you know that there are Master Quilters that teach longarm quilting classes to help learn or improve techniques? Well we had Jeff Yasenchok come to the shop a couple weeks ago to do just that! He does such a wonderful job in his instructioning. He taught about border quilting and this beautiful custom work. Take a look below.


And our increased learning helps us become better at quilting your quilts! We're now accepting quilts via mail to be quilted or you can drop them off at our shop. More details on how can be found HERE.



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