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The Paisley Dis-Patch Newsletter November 2022

November 2022 Volume 3, Issue 11

Dear Quilting Friends,

You know, it seems that every time I sit down at my laptop to type out the next newsletter, I tend to first think about how much time has passed since the last one or all-of-a-sudden there’s another holiday just around the corner. Today is no exception. We just survived another Halloween full of trick-or-treaters dressed up as witches, vampires, cowboys, princesses and other costumed street urchins. Now, Thanksgiving is on the horizon followed closely by Christmas and New Year’s Day.

I used to work with an engineering manager who always looked forward to sharing his thoughts of Thanksgiving with everyone on our team. His list usually began with his family and friends, then mentioned several temporal or material objects, and always ended with a nod to his favorite alcoholic beverage. Every year most items mirrored something I had been grateful for that year (except the liquor). Now, it’s my turn to give it a whirl. So here goes.

I am grateful for my family. Everyone is healthy, happy, and employed. They are all good, loving people who care for those around them.

I am grateful for good friends and neighbors that look out for one another.

I am grateful for experiences that bring me closer to God and help me feel His love. While my brush with breast cancer turned out to be nothing to worry about, I felt a constant sense of His presence during each test and while waiting for the subsequent results.

I am grateful for an opportunity to share my little slice of quilting heaven with each of you. I am humbled by your support and friendship and hope you feel our support in return. We are truly interested in your success and here to help every step of the way.

 As always, we hope you’re healthy, happy, and finding joy in each 1/4” seam.

~ Beth and Kami


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