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The Paisley Dis-Patch Newsletter Feb 2022

February 2022 Volume 3, Issue 1

Hello Friends,

As I contemplate this month’s newsletter topic, I’m looking out the front window and can see that it’s a beautiful day in my neighborhood. The sun is shining. The mountains to the east and west have a fair amount of snow on them. Having taken my dogs out earlier, I know there’s a slight breeze on the air making it just cold enough that I don’t want to stay outdoors very long. I’m a fair-weather gal, after all. However, as long as I have some hot chocolate on hand and can wear multiple layers to stay warm, it’s all good.

We moved into our home 3-1/2 years ago and are finally making plans to finish the basement. As of right now, it’s become more of a storage area for the furniture we can’t use on the main floor, as well as my craft and sewing “stash” that have yet to be unpacked. Now, it’s almost a necessity (oh, darn) to bring 30+ small storage boxes full of fabric, trim, beads, etc. up to the sewing room so my husband doesn’t have to move them around as he frames the walls, pulls wire, installs lights, switches and outlets, then hangs drywall, then paints… get the picture. The upside is everything will soon be sorted by color, fabric type, and purpose long before the time my “real” studio is finished, and I get to move it all downstairs again. Talk about ironic! 

So, with everything perfectly organized and color-coded, I figure now is a great time to start some spring projects. I still need to make the Candy Sprinkles shop display (yes, for the BOM we sponsored last year). But, after quilting a customer’s finished top, I’m ready to get going on it. The color saturation of the fabric is much richer than the pastel cover art that comes with the kit. And I love the way the blocks are laid out making the whole pattern very unique. It’s the perfect complement to the months of April, May and June.

To add to the fun, the shop is gearing up for our next Block of the Month series called Lakeside. It is made of stunning green, gray and blue batiks from Wilmington Prints. Here’s a look at just the center medallion of the quilt top that I finished last Friday.

We’ll let you know when you can reserve your slot as soon as we have the fabric on site. Otherwise, please stop by to see the samples I have in the works for the display quilt.

As always we hope you’re healthy, happy and finding joy in each 1/4” seam.

Happy Quilting!
~ Beth and Kami

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