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The Paisley Dis-Patch Newsletter January 2022

 January 2022 Volume 3, Issue 1

Hello Friends,

I can’t believe it! It’s 2022 and I’ve already broken my new year’s resolution. It’s not about weight loss, eating healthier, or finishing all of my UFOs (Un-Finished Objects). No, it has to do with overcoming my ever-enduring tendency to procrastinate whatever needs to be done.

 Alas, December has come and gone. It’s January 7th and our newsletter should already be in your inbox. But, thinking I had plenty of time to get it done, other tasks took precedence till now.

 So, why is it that we wait till the first day of every January to start something new? If I think about it long enough, waiting till January only reinforces my habit to procrastinate everything else in my life. There is absolutely no reason I can’t implement change today or for that matter, any other day of the year.

 On a serious note, I do hope you’ll try something new this year. For me, there’s nothing that gives me a greater sense of accomplishment and creativity than completing a challenging project or tackling a new skill. Maybe finishing your oldest UFO, trying a pattern, or finally taking that dream vacation you’ve been meaning to get to will give you that same feeling this year. Whatever it is, don’t put if off for another minute. January 1, 2023 will be here before you know it.

 But, then again, there’s always tomorrow (wink, wink).

Happy Quilting!
~ Beth and Kami

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