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The Paisley Dis-Patch November 2021 Newsletter

November 2021 Volume 2, Issue 11

Hi Friends,

Thanksgiving celebrations have been recorded since before the pilgrims arrived in America and the tradition carried with them until the first time it was held on American soil. From then forward it was held sporadically in various colonial locations until 1863 when Abraham Lincoln declared the fourth Thursday of each November to be a National Day of Thanksgiving.

When I hear the word “thanksgiving” it conjures up a few traditional thoughts beginning with the three F’s (family, food and football). I love my large, quirky, blended family. Between my husband and me, we have nine children (a Brady Bunch and a half), five sons/daughters-in-law and 24 grandchildren. Each one of them is distinctly different from the next and brings their own unique flair to my little universe. Needless to say, they keep us very entertained!

Our typical Thanksgiving feast used to take 6-8 hours to cook, a mere 30 minutes to eat and another 2 hours to clean up the mess. Fast forward to 2021, we don’t do much advance planning because extended family schedules are somewhat unpredictable. However, we still cook a turkey with stuffing, potatoes and gravy, maybe some Jell-o and open a can of black olives (my favorite part of the meal regardless of the numbers we have around the table).

Then, there’s football. Every Thanksgiving I used to watch the college bowl games with my dad. Staying out of the kitchen was always his big contribution to meal prep. I remember him sitting in his recliner and yell at the television like he was on the sidelines telling the quarterback or receiver what they did wrong. Boy, talk about being an “armchair quarterback”. I’m sure the phrase was coined just because of him.

So, we’ve got the three F’s. This year I’d like to put a little different spin on my Thanksgiving and add the letter “G” for gratitude to the list. I have to admit that I’ve allowed myself to think of Thanksgiving as just an excuse to overeat and take a day off. But the early settlers broke bread to show their appreciation for the blessings they received from God. I need to do the same.

There’s probably not enough room here to list all that I’m grateful for, but I would like to say that I’m grateful to God for each of you. I am truly blessed by your friendship, generosity, and creativity. You’re the reason I love what I do!

Happy quilting!

~ Beth and Kami

*We've had to change the formatting of our newsletter a bit. Links are no longer clickable.*
*Please click HERE to access our monthly calendar*

*We've had to change the formatting of our newsletter a bit. Links are no longer clickable.* 
*Please click HERE to access our monthly calendar*

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